NOTE: In order for deflators to reliably begin operation, tires must be inflated to a pressure approximately twice the setpoint, e.g.: If the deflators are set to shut off at
10 psi, tires must be inflated to approximately 20 psi or greater.

1. Remove valve caps and replace with one tire deflator
on each tire.
2. Wait until deflators are finished deflating and remove
them from the valve stems.
3. Check pressure and make any adjustments to tire
pressure or deflators setpoint as necessary.

A WORD ABOUT ACCURACY: Consistency is more important than accuracy. Usually it is more important to have both tires on a given axle deflated to the same pressure
than to be exactly at the setpoint. Be sure to make every measurement the same way, every time. Consistency and repeatability are greatly improved when the valves on all
four tires are from the same manufacturer and lot. This will minimize differences in the rate of flow from tire to tire that cause inconsistent readings.