1. Turn adjusting screw with a 5/32” allen wrench counter clockwise until it is even with the end of the body tube. This will set pressure at the lowest end of the adjustment range. Every complete turn clockwise will increase pressure approximately 1.5psi for the 5-20psi
range, and 3psi for the 15-40psi range.

2. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise the desired number of turns and follow “OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS”.

3. If tires have not deflated to the proper value, make minor adjustments to the adjustment screw, re-inflate and re-test. Some experimentation may be necessary to find the exact setpoint. This process goes quickly if a small spare tire (i.e. wheel barrel tire, ATV tire, etc.)is for use during the adjustment process. This process should take about 15 minutes as opposed to over an hour using a full size off road tire.